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Donate to HELP with Kidney Transplant Fees..

Alicia has been on dialysis for 6 years. She is also on the kidney transplant list and has been for 5 years. Currently she has health insurance. She has recently been notified that once she receives a new kidney this coverage will end. The transplant organization requires her to have funds available to pay for the medicine for the rest of her life. The medicine will cost in the tens of thousands of dollars in order to keep the new kidney healthy. Without these medications , she will lose her transplanted kidney. Alicia is to have her transplant in Sacramento, California which is 1 hour from her home city. She will be required to travel once a week to Sacramento for the first 6 weeks after surgery. Then after she will need to travel once a month for a year to visit her doctor to check on her transplanted kidney. Alicia has had numerous surgeries and hospitalizations due to complications from her kidney disease and dialysis. She has recently been diagnosed with Gall stones and had to have her Gall bladder removed. Dialysis is a known cause for heart disease, heart failure, and even death. The only way to combat this is through transplantation. Please help Alicia reach her goal so she can live a normal healthy life again. Alicia was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of 32. What a shock it was to a women raising a daughter on her own. Alicia fully intends to to give back after her transplant. Please find it in your heart to help with even $5.00 if you can. God bless you and Thank You for reading.


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